Executive Council

The Executive Council is the governing body for the Kentucky Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists (KSNMT).  The Executive Council includes the KSNMT officers, a representative student member for each school in the state and other members as appointed.  Officers of the KSNMT are elected by a vote of the members present at the fall business meeting held during the fall educational meeting.  Nominations for office may be made to any member of the council.  Nominees must be members of the KSNMT at the time of elections.

KSNMT Officers

President                   Nancy Ulhs             UlhsNE@chc.net

President Elect         Stephanie Zoll         Kevsgirl9797@gmail.com

Past President         Jennifer Preston           jenpreston1@yahoo.com

Treasurer                  Kym Robbins           kym.robbins@pacdocs.com

Secretary                   Kelly Lafferty           kelly_shoegal@hotmail.com

Historian                   Lindsey Behrendt Hill       linze1232@hotmail.com